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Mother to boys one an elementary student and the other a middle schooler. I am invested in their educational needs and am able to identify areas of struggle to relay to a potential provider . It is beneficial for me when selecting a provider to have 1:1 service and someone who can keep them engaged .

I prefer a provider with a flexible schedule mainly after school hours Mon- Fri while information is fresh on their brain. Once Friday night arrives they are tuned out till Monday. Like adults they live for the weekend and our schedules are usually full by then. I would like 1 hr to 1hr 15 min sessions as my children are on IEP’s and their attention span is short.

If you can please identify in your “Information about you” advise of the grade levels you actually are focused on, core subjects you help with or expert in. If you decline an interview please tell why on our side as the parent we don’t know if you are full, there is a time conflict for the interview or a problem with the app or site. If you are struggling to find a family it could be because your rate per hour is too high. I’ve found some providers charge more than some well known tutoring services out there. Please keep this in mind. We do value your expertise and experience, however many of us are struggling parents which is why we are in the program and can‘t exhaust our funds from the program in 1 or 2 months.

Katrina Holman

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